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JADE’s Program 

Summary of Our Education Topics

Safe Medication Practices

Our program educates patients both on the importance and best practices for using pain medication properly, safely storing prescription medication, and proper medication disposal. Unlike antibiotics, pain medication does not need to be taken unless needed. We help educate patients on understanding safe medication practices.

Understanding Pain

We believe if patient’s can better understand the relationship between psychological and physiological pain, they’ll be better equipped to identify addictive signs and prevent development of an opioid use disorder.

Warning Signs of Misuse

Our clinicians review with each patient the warning signs of misuse, and discuss with patient’s if they feel their struggling with any of these signs. When patients are aware of the warning signs and have access to help with an experienced clinician before developing a full problem, we believe we can successfully reduce the number of individuals who identify with a full use disorder.

Addiction & Consequence of Illicit Use

Patient’s may believe they have everything under control, that they don’t they have a problem that they are still functioning effectively. We help educate our patients on the consequences of illicit drug use, including the effects physically, mentally, and the social impact it can have on a patient’s family.

Ancillary Care

We assist patients in understanding the benefits of alternative pain treatments to compliment their existing medication. We believe multiple access points to work to prevent over-use and assist patient’s with pain management.

Assessing & Utilizing Supports

Building a maintaining a support network has been demonstrated as effective in maintaining sobriety and preventing the development of a substance use disorder. Our program not only educates but promotes patient’s developing and utilizing an effective support system. 

Insurance Accepted

We accept private insurance and often insurance can cover almost all of the costs of our educational treatment program.

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Help Prevent Opioid Abuse

Protecting Your Practice

With the growth and prevalence of opioid use disorders, pain management physicians are under new and intense scrutiny for their prescribing. However, millions of Americans suffer from acute and chronic pain conditions. We help augment your practice to insure you and your team have a robust program to identify individuals with drug seeking behavior and prevent individuals from developing opioid use disorders. LEARN MORE

Secure Tele-Health Appointments

We work around you and your patient’s schedule by utilizing a secure tele-health platform for all of our patient appointments. We have a team of clinicians based in Denver, Colorado available to help. LEARN MORE

Streamlined Integration

As part of our program, we will provide all of our physicians with patient updates and add assessments and outcomes directly into your electronic medical record system. LEARN MORE 

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