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Let’s Work Together for Change

It will take action from multiple treatment facilities to generate the momentum for positive change in the treatment community. We look forward to working together.

If you’re part of the addiction community, please check our News page for the industry conferences we will be attending for opportunities to connect.


Together we can improve treatment for patients across all facilities. Inquire today to become part of our efforts to improve treatment quality nationally.


Our mission is help patients and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction treatment. Contact us to learn how you can help. 


We are working to improve the clinical treatment standards across the industry to help patients get the care they need

About Us

This Time Can Be Different

At Jade Recovery, we strive to offer a different type of treatment. As you’ll see on this website, the scope of our services, goals, and programs is extensive. Here is a brief summary of the Jade difference.

Individualized Treatment and Attention

With small groups, and individualized care and treatment strategies, this time can be different for you or your loved one. We work with you in establishing a new, safe, fun and engaging recovery life in your local community. We care, and we’ll work with you to break through challenges you’re facing. Together, we believe we can create a positive change.

Help in Rebuilding Stressed Relationships

Family therapy is an important part of our treatment strategy, and we want to rebuild the relationships that may be stressed or fractured. We can help work through family stress, triggers and trauma to help everyone move forward in a healthier relationship.

Be Surrounded by People Invested in Your Recovery

Sometimes in large treatment facilities you can hide in the background, or feel like just another patient moving through the steps. At Jade Recovery, expect to be challenged, to be noticed and to be surrounded by people who are invested in your recovery.

About us

Our Team

David Forstadt

David Forstadt

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Ferkel

Anthony Ferkel

Lifestyle Coach

Charese Allen

Charese Allen

Director of Dialectics

Changing treatment

Our Core Values

We at Jade Recovery share a deep-seated belief about the quality of care and standards that treatment facilities should uphold.

High Clinical Standards

First, treatment facilities should be required to uphold the highest clinical standards, including:

  • Multiple individual therapy sessions per week for higher levels of care
  • Consistent and thoughtful clinical supervision and review
  • Individualized treatment plans and follow-up
  • Tracking client improvement (outcomes) across multiple criteria

High Operational Standards

Second, treatment facilities should be required to uphold the highest operational standards including:

  • Onsite Naloxone and required staff certifications for effectively using it in life critical scenarios
  • Effective discharge planning
  • Establishment and tracking of a vocational program and job placement percentage

High Ethical Standards

Third, treatment facilities should be required to uphold ethical standards including ethical marketing focused on direct client, community and clinical referrals.


The design of the Jade Recovery logo is a combination of two concepts. The different sections in shades of green represent the facets and crystalline structure of a Jade gemstone. The lines between these facets represent neurons in the human brain. Hence, the logo mark represents “Facets of the Mind.”