The Jade Foundation

The Jade Foundation

Partnering with the Jade Foundation

As part of Jade Recovery’s commitment to improving treatment standards, raising awareness, and giving back to communities that support us, we’ve partnered with the Jade Recovery Foundation to improve mental health treatment and advocacy in the United States.

The Jade Foundation

Helping Local Communities

At Jade, we believe in the importance of giving back plus local community improvement. We donate 20% of our profits to the Jade Foundation, which focuses on funding mental health awareness, education and understanding. The donations from each location are earmarked for improvement in the cities in which we operate.

It is our hope that together we can make a real difference in effectively helping people get better while improving treatment nationally. To learn more and to find out how you can get involved, please visit the Jade Foundation.

The Jade Foundation

Let us Know if You Have a Cause

At Jade, we are always looking for new ways of promoting community awareness and prevention. If you, or someone you know, is working to help improve the community, please let us know.

We are specifically looking for innovative new ideas to improve education among youth and at-risk populations. We will soon be sharing our initiatives with you.

The Jade Foundation

Documentary Series

Hand in hand with the Jade Recovery Foundation, we are working to develop a documentary series that helps to de-stigmatize recovery and de-idealize drug abuse.

Soon, we will share stories of a few consenting patients, so the world can see their strengths and their struggles. We will keep you updated about the release of these testimonials.